This page is a cross-section of Jeannette's photography. Jeannette's work is available for sale on this site in card format and inspirational plaque. Also you can custom order any photo you see as a print, gallery wrap or a new exciting option on metal art.

Payments can be made on this site via paypal or other arrangments for payment can be utilized such as e-transfer.  To find out more, go to Our Products page.

Jeannette's Joie De Vivre Artistic Expressions is a way to share with you the beauty she sees all around her on a daily basis - this beauty is usually so simplistic - it is not in the spectacular. It is in every day life, on her walks along nature trails and the city she lives in or in the places she is lucky enough to travel to. Lots of times this beauty is found in the natural world but she also sees it in human endeavours of architecture and activity -- so she invites you to slow down - enjoy - welcome to her world -- JOIE DE VIVRE!

Floral - Wild & Tamed

"I sat in a garden and what did I see? So much beauty surrounding me" ~ Jeannette McCall

Critters & Creatures

"The pulse of life ... can you hear it beating, humming, constantly moving" ~ Jeannette McCall

Pastoral Scenes

"Things of Beauty abound in my world ... touching me in quiet splendid moments" ~ Jeannette McCall

Rustic Worlds

"I have found some of life's greatest treasures are to be found in the simplest of pleasures ... I find it in the simplest of things ... this feeling of calm and contented peace" ~ Jeannette McCall

Black & White

"Life can be confusion, delusion and illusion ... Life can be purposeful, powerful and illuminating" ~ Jeannette McCall


"City of Light ... a place of magic, mystery and humanitie's history" ~ Jeannette McCall

South Okanagan

"So as I travel in my mind to ponder this magnificient and majestic place ... of which I am a part" ~ Jeannette McCall


"A Rose - simple in design - it's beauty so sublime - petals smooth as silk - in colours of many hues" ~ Jeannette McCall