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jeannette-3Thank you for stopping by my website. I hope that you are enjoying my view of the world around me – my Joie de Vivre...

An update:

Hello - excited to share with you that I have been accepted as a poet into an upcoming Art Show at the Coast Collective Art Gallery running from September 9 - 20, 2015 with an opening reception on September 12, 2015 from 2 to 4pm.

The show is titled: In Conversation: Poets Speak; Artists Respond. An Invitational Show.

Two of my poems are being showcased - The Bridge of the Cross-Over and Things of Beauty.

Please visit the show if you can. A unique combination of creativity - visual and the written word.

Hello - it has been awhile since I've posted on my blog.  I relocated to Victoria on Vancouver Island in the spring and have been busy with all of the adjustments that happen when a person makes a big change in life.

Some exciting events have happened this year artistically.  The most recent event was my participation in a Ministry of Justice Art Show which I mention on my other pages.

This event is held in support of raising funds to support a wonderful program called "Feeding Ourselves and Others".  Below is a photo of me beside some of the art I am showcasing at this event. 













In the early part of 2014 I participated in V-Day Oliver-Osoyoos stop the violence and created a piece specifically for an art show at this event.  At this event, I did my first public reading of one of my poems entitled "Reflections" dealing with the subject matter of healing from abuse.

I also had the honour of being nominated for a literary arts award at Penticton's 1st Annual Arts Award.



I am truly excited about being able to offer clients custom photos on metal wall art!  The pieces look fantastic and my black and white film photos on the metallic metal art are getting rave reviews from people who have seen them. 






































As you can see, this allows you to hang the photos immediately and you do not have to worry about getting the photo framed or the high cost of framing.

If anyone is interested in obtaining one of my photos in this medium, please send me an email and we can discuss sizes available, prices and payment.  Payments can be made by e-transfer.

In the next couple of months I will be updating my website with a few new galleries from my wanderings through downtown Victoria, a very special flower garden and an excursion I made up Island.  So check in when you can to see some of my newer works!



Happy 2014 everyone - I thought in the spirit of the new year I would post one of my first poems reflecting a reminder to slow down, stop striving and be in the moment ... this gift of life we have all been given ... sometimes we all need a reminder of this and I find nature always takes me back to this so here it is.


Just Being

Green shades and hues reach up

to touch the blue, blue sky


Swaying gently in the soft breezes

of a warm summer night


I hear the birds singing and twittering

so happy and peaceful they seem to me


My soul says to me

Be at one with the earth as they are


Don't worry and fret over trivial things

Things that never come to pass, Be - Just Be...


Part of the blue, blue sky

and your bare feet touch the earth

and your eyes soak up the beautiful shades of green


Your ears can hear the music of the forest

and the rythmn of the stream

and at last you can feel the peace of Just Being...

Just Being, part of the earth, Just Being


Wishing you all balance, peace, harmony and much love in the new year


I am feeling inspired to create some new works this January - I encourage everyone to create in whatever form it takes!