About the Artist

Jeannette’s Vision

Jeannette McCall was born in Manitoba, growing up throughout Western Canada in British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Those formative years spent playing in the northern wilderness — just sitting and observing nature, freely roaming the forest trails, climbing trees, hiking, having campfires in January with her brothers and their friends with absolutely “no adult supervision” developed a connection to and enduring love of the natural world in which we live.

At the age of 13 when taking a photography class in high school, Jeannette picked up a camera, learned to develop photographs in a black room and her life long passion with photography was born.

Growing up in a very noisy household with five brothers - Jeannette became a voracious reader - escaping to other worlds through the magic of the written word. Being a shy middle child amongst so many brothers, Jeannette found it hard to be heard. In her twenties the desire to write began but she did not find her own voice until her thirties - and unexpectedly to herself and maybe a few others - it was the voice of a poet and storyteller.

Jeannette spent 20 years raising her family and pursuing her career as a paralegal in the South Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.  Jeannette has recently relocated to the incredily lovely city of Victoria on Vancouver Island continuing her legal career and artistic vision. 

Her adventurous nature, creative passions and life long love of the written word, as well as, a personal need to capture and share the beauty she sees around her, have led to her poetic writings and photography.

Jeannette has had her unique combinations of poetry and photography published four times in local woman’s magazine in Penticton called Encompass. The involvement in the magazine also gave her the opportunity to share her love of cooking with others as you can see from a few of the magazine photos and take a turn at being at the other end of the camera as a model in the magazine as well as a participant in a stint on Shaw Cable promoting the women’s magazine.

Jeannette has shown her work at Art under the Trees at the Farmer’s Market in Penticton and has future plans to show her work at markets in Victoria.

In February 2014 Jeannette was nominated for a literary arts award at the 1st Annual Penticton & District Arts Awards.

2014 has been an exciting year with Jeannette being nominated for a literary arts award, engaging in her first public reading of one of her poems entitled "Reflections" at a fundraising event for V-Day Oliver/Osoyoos Art Show - Stop the Violence Against Women held early in the year and participating in an art show in September through the Ministry of Justice to support a local charity called "Feeding Ourselves and Others" created in 2012.

Jeannette looks forward to exploring the historic architecture of Victoria, its vibrant city, multitude of gardens and fantastic coastal region and in bringing new galleries of photos to share with you.

Jeannette’s Joie De Vivre Artistic Expressions is a way to share with you the beauty she sees all around her on a daily basis - this beauty is usually so simplistic - it is not in the spectacular. It is in every day life, on her walks along nature trails and the city she lives in or in the places she is lucky enough to travel to. Lots of times this beauty is found in the natural world but she also sees it in human endeavours of architecture and activity - so she invites you to slow down - enjoy - welcome to her world - JOIE DE VIVRE!


Jeannette has several connections to other artists in the South Okanagan Valley. She is happy to recommend:

Stuart Bish: (Photographer - who also took top two images of Jeannette) - stuartbish.com

Brian Simons (Acrylic Painter) - briansimons.com

Dianne Bersea (Painter/Multi-Medium Artist) and Jodi Forster (Painter/Multi-Medium Artist) - www.islemuse.com