Experience Joie De Vivre

Welcome to our website dedicated to the vision of Jeannette McCall. She is an emerging photographer and poet, formerly based out of the quaint city of Pentiction, located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia who has recently relocated to the incredibly lovely city of Victoria on Vancouver Island.

She draws inspiration from the scenic world around her. Her 'Joie De Vivre' or Joy of Life attitude shows in her photography and poetry. Jeannette wishes to share with others her perspective on life.

"I have found some of life’s greatest treasures are to be found in the simplest of pleasures... I find it in the simplest of things... this feeling of calm and contented peace"
~ Jeannette McCall

Jeannette’s Joie De Vivre Artistic Expressions is a way to share with you the beauty she sees all around her on a daily basis - this beauty is usually so simplistic - it is not in the spectacular. It is found in her every day life, on her walks along lush nature trails and the beautiful city that she lives in or in the places she is lucky enough to travel to. It is there if you take the time to look.


Jeannette believes that this beauty of life is found in the natural world, but she also sees it in human endeavours of architecture and activity - so she invites you to slow down and join her... JOIE DE VIVRE!

"Things of Beauty abound in my world... touching me in quiet splendid moments"
~ Jeannette McCall

This site not only serves as a portfolio site, but as a way for you to experience Jeannette McCall's vision. All photos and poetry are available for purchase. There are free downloads for desktop images, our products pages have different categories including cards, inspirational plaques and photo images in your choice of gallery wraps, enlargements and a new exciting option - metal art.  Please come back to browse our products as there will be new products added from time to time.  

Jeannette McCall